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Step by step setup company in Ho Chi Minh City

Step by step setup company in Ho Chi Minh City

Setup company in Ho Chi Minh City has become a great demand for domestic and foreign investors. When foreign investors establish a company, foreign investors have the right to choose the appropriate forms of enterprise such as a limited liability company, joint-stock company, etc.

If having a plan to invest and setup company in Ho Chi Minh City, the foreign investor is suggested to consult with a law firm in Vietnam for advice and service offering. This will save time and you will get the most complete and professional information.

In order to obtain complete information for foreign investors, Vinasc will assist investors important contents before conducting investment in Vietnam with specific steps are as follows:

Step 1: what kind of company you started?

  • 2-50 Co. Ltd. Members or 1 member Co.Ltd;
  • JSC company;
  • Branch offices of foreign companies in Vietnam;
  • Vietnam company has 49% ownership by foreigners.

Step 2: License Company

Any information you can get in step one is to operate your business better and to ensure that you will not do anything that conflicts with the laws of Vietnam. This second step, the company license, is the key to your business legally.

Depending on the type of business you are running, with pricing and different time frames received licenses for the company in Vietnam. All our packages include receiving the tax code and the seal of the company as well.

Step 3: office space

We service brokerage and leasing virtual office in district 7, you just raised your budget and requirements we will meet your needs. Also, we will support you on monthly tax reports services, accounting services, or other services in Vietnam.

Step by step setup company in Ho Chi Minh City

Step 4: Publish the content of the business registration

After being granted the certificate of enterprise registration (ERC) and (IRC), the investor shall disclose information about the enterprise on the national enterprise registration portal within 30 days, including the following information:

1. Business lines;
2. List of founding shareholders and shareholders being foreign investors for joint-stock companies.

Step 5: Registered business stamp and Notice of the use of stamp

The enterprise has the right to decide on the form, quantity, and contents of the stamp of the enterprise. The content of the stamp must show the following information:

1. Company’s name (IRC and ERC)
2. Business code

After receiving the legal entity stamp and before using the business stamp, the enterprise must send a notice on the stamp of the enterprise to the business registration office for publication in the National Information Portal on the business registration.

Step 6: Open bank account is important to step in setup company in Ho Chi Minh City

Investors need to open to types of bank accounts for use Tax and Token ( Tax Department check), namely the investment capital account to receive the investment amount and the transaction account for conducting daily transactions in Vietnam.

Step 7: The post-licensing procedures

For the conditional business lines:

Investors investing in conditional business lines as regulated in Appendix 4 of the Investment Law 2014 and Apply 1/7/2015, must apply certificate of business qualification, practicing certificates, professional liability insurance, legal capital requirements, etc before conducting business in Vietnam.

Vinasc provides full services of setup company in Ho chi Minh city in accordance with the above steps

  • Investment registration certificate;
  • Business registration certificate;
  • Office services;
  • Business stamp;
  • Open a bank account.

Parallel to the implementation of procedures to establish the company, we will consult, provide services and solutions synchronously for businesses. In which, some services are Vinasc’s advantages compared to other consulting units, such as: auditing service, accounting, and tax advisory services.

Vinasc represents customer to work on legal procedures:

  • Firstly, submit the documents for business registration to the state authorities;
  • Secondly, track the handling process after the submission and send a notice about the result of the submission to the customer;
  • Thirdly, receive the business license (including the tax code) at the Department of Planning and Investment of Ho Chi Minh city;
  • Furthermore, submit the documents for seal specimen registration and contact agencies for seal carving based on the specimen;
  • After that, receive the Certificate of Seal Specimen Registration and the company’s seal;
  • Finally, open a bank account for the company at licensed banks.

why you should choose Vinasc’s setup company in ho chi minh city ?

  • Firstly, investors will be consulted fully and promptly with a team of professional personnel;
  • Secondly, investors will complete investment procedures with the fastest time, in accordance with law provisions;
  • Thirdly, Vinasc is a unit with experience in foreign investment consultancy with affordability
  • Finally, at Vinasc, investors will be supported and used solutions and services synchronously for the business operation of the business.

If you need further information or have any questions about setup company in Vietnam, please send an e-mail to us.