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Setup company in Vietnam

Setup company in Vietnam

The services about setup company in Vietnam has become a great demand for domestic and foreign investors.
This is an indispensable demand due to the dynamism of the Vietnamese economy, which has recently mobilized domestic and foreign resources.

In order to obtain complete information for foreign investors, Vinasc will assist investors in important content before conducting investment in Vietnam.

1. The investment environment in Vietnam

– Legal environment: Vietnam is becoming more and more attractive to foreign investors because the policy is considered favorable for investors. Reform of administrative procedures has been effective, shortened, and saved time and costs for investors. However, there are restrictions for foreign investors in some cases in regard to special licenses, procedures required, …

– Traffic situation: Transport infrastructure in Vietnam has been invested and upgraded recently, creating favorable conditions for trade. 

– Quality of labor: Labor force in Vietnam has been increasingly improve, approach to modern industrial working methods. However, labor costs are also increasingly high and will not be cheap labor in the near future.

– Finally, culture and communication: Vietnamese people are very kind, working, and studying hard. However, foreign language proficiency to communicate with foreigners is still an issue to be improve.

Setup company in Vietnam

2. Matters should be noted when making an investment in Vietnam

– Business Location: That choosing a business location is also very important for investors, because: Is there a location that is favorable for trade, is it suitable for business line planning, and is it tax-beneficial?

– Secondly, business sector: The business sector will decide 02 issues: Does the local planning approve the sector, and are there any tax incentives?

– Compliance with laws: We believe that the first thing is to comply with the law from the initial procedure evaluation stage when investing to limit legal risks, financial risks …

3. Experience in making investment procedures in Vietnam

– Get the necessary information before having to book a flight to Vietnam. We have met investors who have to come to Vietnam many times to carry out unnecessary works and it was very wasteful.

– Provide sufficient information and investment needs to the consulting firm to ensure that the procedures will be fully implemented.

– The consulting firm will answer questions such as:

  • How much capital is require to setup a company in Vietnam?
  • Are there tax incentives in Vietnam?
  • How does the labor cost?
  • Where should investors register the business address in Vietnam? Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Da Nang ……
  • How much does an office rental cost a month?
  • What is Vietnam’s policy for foreign workers? 
  • How long does it take to set-up a company?
  • How to transfer profits abroad?…

4. Difficulties and disadvantages need to know before making an investment in Vietnam

  • Firstly, compliance with tax and accounting laws: In Vietnam, the Government requires strict adherence to regulations on invoices, documents, reports, etc.
  • Secondly, compliance with investment restrictions: Investment restrictions are apply in accordance with WTO agreements and bilateral agreements between countries.
  • Other regulations for foreign workers, such as work permit, temporary residence permits ….

Setup company in Vietnam include

  • Consultancy on business locations;
  • Consultancy on business lines and areas;
  • Carry out the procedures for seals as prescribed
  • Consultancy on the scale of investment capital
  • Consultancy on legal records, procedures;
  • Carry out legal procedures to complete the setup of a company in Vietnam at the request of the investor.
  • Consultancy on banking-related procedures;
  • Moreover, consultancy on procedures and tax policies, labor policies need to be followed.

Why should investors choose Vinasc’s setup company in Vietnam?

  • Investors will be consult fully and promptly with a team of professional personnel;
  • Investors shall complete investment procedures with the fastest time, in accordance with law provisions;
  • Vinasc is a unit with experience in foreign investment consultancy with reasonable costs.

At Vinasc, investors will be support and use solutions and services parkage for the business operation of the business.

Mandatory reports submissions requirement for setup company in Vietnam

  • Personal profile, investment organization (consular legalized)
  • Documents proving financial capacity (consular legalized)
  • The last one, financial statements (for institutional investors)

Results of setup company in Vietnam

  • Investment certificate;
  • Enterprise registration certificate;
  • Business license;
  • Finally, seal sample and seal of the business.

Please contact us for advice and complete information for business plans in Vietnam.