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Accounting services

Accounting services

In Vietnam today, there are regular changes in tax regulations and accounting policies. Therefore, if your company does not have a thorough knowledge of accounting and is not an expert in this field, it is very difficult to catch the information timely and comply with the current law. That is also the reason why Vinasc provides accounting services to help you avoid the troubles with the tax authorities.

With a wide range of services providing clients the most effective ways to organize the operations. As well as providing early warning and support in dealing with risks in the accounting, tax and legal fields. Vinasc will definitely bring satisfaction to your company when using our accounting services.

the process of implementing accounting services

  • Proceeding initial tax registration for your company;
  • Organizing the process of document storage and accounting at your company;
  • Making declaration, tax reporting such as value-added tax, personal income tax, corporate income tax, contractor tax … monthly and quarterly;
  • Tax refunds;
  • Performing obligations related to labor such as social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance, labor registration;
  • Annual tax finalization;
  • Working with the independent auditor and the tax inspection team;
  • Preparing the transfer pricing documentation includes appendix No.01, No.02, No.03, and No.04.; In addition is Local file, Master file, and Country by Country file. As a result, this service will be charged more fees like the other service packages;
  • Providing auditing services;
  • Working with customs;
  • Finally is printing books and financial reports to keep at the Company.

Accounting services

vinasc’s accounting services include

  • Bookkeeping and tax compliance services;
  • Being in the name of the chief accountant;
  • Setting up the initial accounting system for the Company;
  • Providing and consulting company’s accounting software;
  • Providing bookkeeping services in combination with the training of accountants;
  • Tax declaration;
  • Finance consultancy;
  • Making an internal management report;
  • Checking monthly accounting books and documents;
  • Checking long term records and evidence for tax inspection;
  • In addition, supporting work with tax authorities.

Monthly/Quarterly Accounting Reviews

The role of an independent accountant, providing a monthly or quarterly external review of enterprise accounting records and compliance, is often necessary for Vietnam to ensure international expectations are being met. Due to language and skill differences (in particular the VAS statutory bookkeeping requirements versus international standards and expectations), it can be hard for the management or foreign finance heads to ensure that Vietnamese obligations are being met and that the reports produced are appropriate for an organization without significant errors. For that reason, Vinasc Corporate Services provides the independence that foreign investors can rely on for their monthly and quarterly reviews.

Corrective Bookkeeping & Accounting

Where a company in Vietnam experiences issues with the reliability of their accounting function and determines that historical corrective action is required, Vinasc Corporate Services can put in place an individual or a team to rectify and recreate compliant records for the company.

Finally, if you are interested in Vinasc’s Accounting and Bookkeeping Services, please contact us. We will send a letter of quotation for your consideration.